Bridge on the Dobrava River




Most na Dobravi



Warming Up

    • Which light do you prefer: morning light or afternoon light? Why?
    • Have a look at the paintings of Rouen cathedral by Claude Monet. He painted them as a series, between 1892 and 1894. What differences can you see between them? What similarities can you find?

Source: National Gallery of France


Cultural Heritage Background 

Paintings by Slovenian Impressionists were presented to the public for the first time in 1900, in an exhibition in Ljubljana. Four Slovenian painters participated in the exhibition: Ivan Grohar, Matija Jama, Matej Strnen and Rihard Jakopič.

The leading figure of Slovenian Impressionism was Ivan Grohar. He started as a church painter, continued as a realist and ended up as an Impressionist. He painted “The Sower” which now features on the 5 cent Slovenian coin.

“The Sower” was also used on the cover of a high school manual. At the turn of the 19th century Impressionist painters cooperated closely with writers. They designed their book covers.

Avgust Berthold was the first Slovenian art photographer. He was interested in Slovenian landscape. He took a picture of a sower and Ivan Grohar took over this motif for his painting.

From the motif of the bridge on the Dobrava river and the rhythm of light under the bridge arches, the painter Matija Jama built a complex image of morning light. Everything is painted with brief brush strokes.


Listen carefully to your teacher who will read the text of Matija Jama’s story and answer the following questions…

    • Was Matija Jama a realist painter? [No, an Impressionist]
    • How are his brush strokes described? [brief]
    • If you are visually impaired, please, tell how you imagine this bridge and the landscape in the background? How do you imagine the colours and the light?
    • If you are a learner with dyslexia, please describe your feelings listening about this bridge.
    • Can you think of a bridge you have seen recently and describe it?

Listening Comprehension (optional)








Reading the story

Reading Comprehension







Additional activities

Do some research into Impressionism in other European countries.
Bridges are a frequent motif in European art history. Can you think of any other paintings, photographs or other artworks showing bridges?

There is a very famous English children’s song about a bridge. Do you know it? Do you know its history?

Practise additional vocabulary used in the text. Put the following words into sentences:

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